About me

I'm a senior year Engineering Physics student from Vancouver at the University of British Columbia, graduating in May of 2024. I'm currently finishing up my last two semesters of school, and am looking for a full time job starting in the summer of 2024. I really enjoy the technical challenges of engineering, and between school courses, design team work, personal projects and multiple internships, I have been and am developing myself as an interdisciplinary engineer with a heavy focus on electrical engineering. I'm particularily drawn towards the application of electronics for the health, clean energy, vehicle and personal electronics industries (things that improve peoples lives), but I'm excited about any project that allows me to apply my knowledge of physics and math to the real world.

This website it meant to show some of my personal and school projects, but you can view the latest copy of my resume here, which includes my engineering work experience. As mentioned, I'm actively looking for a full time job, so please reach out to me at anytime!